How To Find A Reliable Moving Company?

Moving Company

The key to finding a great apartment is location, location, location — but finding a reputable moving company is all about research, research, research! When you are searching for moving services, you need to make sure your movers won’t rip you off or break your valuables. Before you sign a contract and book your professional move, do your homework and follow a checklist for hiring movers that is based on these tips.

Do some research

The first and most important thing to do when you want to find a reliable moving company is to do some research. Check all the local and national movers that have experience of years and served thousands of clients. Prepare a list, include their names, compare their services and charges and finalize the one. We would recommend Sorenson movers in order to save your time and this is because they are quite reliable, have professional staff and their name is enough to make you believe how great they are in moving.

Ask for advice

If you aren’t sure how to find a great mover, you might be surprised to learn that a “cold” Internet search may not be the best place to start. It’s smarter to ask for referrals from friends who have used a local moving company. You can call your best buddies or post a question on Facebook asking for help finding movers. Be sure to inquire about the cost of the move and the positive and negative aspects of a friend’s moving experience. Try to get the scoop from people who have moved recently.

Make the call

Once you’ve chosen three moving companies that seem like safe bets, call them so you can make sure their moving business follows regulations (and likely isn’t a moving scam.) You should only work with businesses that have local offices and are willing to send a person to your house to do an estimate. Avoid moving companies who give an estimate over the phone based on cubic feet – they may estimate low and charge high.


Get contacted by trustworthy movers to negotiate the conditions and terms of your move. Ask them for on-site visual inspections of the things you need to have moved to the new home.

Take your time

After the arranged in-house visits from the moving experts, you will receive much more accurate moving cost estimates which you are expected to compare carefully. Don’t be quick to accept the very first offer that comes your way – you need to pick the one that is best for you in terms of both price and conditions.

Check all the expenses and services

Take a closer look at the offered additional services and their rates too. Will you need professional packing services for some or maybe all of your belongings? Professional handling of special items such as a piano or a pool table? What about temporary storage for some of the items your new home is not ready to accept yet? Think about what’s best for your prized possessions.