It’s amazing how technology has improved so many things in our everyday lives.  From the time we wake up to the smell of coffee from a maker (once called a pot) to bacon sitting crisp in the microwave (once fried in a skillet) to eggs timed just right (see previous reference to skillet), to the ding of our smart phone reminding us to choose the faster route to work (previously just called a phone), we have gadgets of every size and shape functioning to make our lives better.

So far, there’s nothing to replace trying on clothes to see if they fit our changing body.  For growing teens, this is especially important because within a matter of weeks, they can experience a growth spurt and completely out-grow the set of clothes so carefully chosen for them at Christmas the previous year.  And shoes?  Forget about it!  Fortunately, you can shop a site like Groupon and find deals that help you deal with the shape-shifters you call sons.   When you use Groupons on a site like Hudson’s Bay, you join the ranks of thousands who use the site every day to buy the latest apparel for the whole family at prices too good to miss.  For example, if you plan to take in some fireworks at the lake this year, or head off to the park for a cook out, you’ll find clothes and shoes for the whole family on one site.  And you can apply a Groupon that will save as much as 30% of sale merchandise, and more on the Big Deal of the Day.  And through Groupon, you can unlock codes for other exclusive deals and promos that will put you in the know when special deals are about to be revealed.  Groupon uses the latest technology to alert you to the money saving deals they offer, but you still get to try them on for yourself.  Some of their deals are so smart, they can be used online, and in store.

So if you need new clothes already for those growing boys and girls, shop Groupon for the latest styles from Hudson’s Bay.  And remember, no matter how technology impacts our lives, basic comforts like a mother’s hug, or the pride you feel on the 4th of July when the band strikes up a patriotic song can never be bottled and sold, coded into a robot or downloaded into your heart.

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